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When it comes to home security, we are not only referring to security systems and products, we are also talking about peace of mind that you fit into your everyday life. Your home should be your safe haven – a place where you can weather the storms of life, exhausting jobs, and actual bad weather. Home security allows you to protect that safety. Sometimes, it is also about getting that safe space back, after a break-in, where you try to do everything in order to ensure that it never happens again. This is where home security experts come in!

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We offer both residential and commercial security systems installation:

Your family is your life, and their safety should be your top priority. Installing a home security system will not only protect your residence and family from burglars and trespassers, but it will give you peace of mind, which is the biggest gift you could get, especially today, in the era of COVID-19. Even you don’t live in a high crime area, a little extra protection will for sure go a long way.

As a business owner, you can only be at ease when you are certain that your business premises and assets are fully secure from any potential thefts. Whatever the size of your business, whether large or small, you definitely have a range of valuable assets such as computer systems, data, and other expensive items that can be stolen or vandalised. A commercial security system, which includes things like fire alarm systems, intruder alarm systems, access control systems, as well as CCTV surveillance systems, enables you to safeguard your employees, customers, and other business assets.

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The truth is, the biggest threat to your home security is a burglar looking for a quick score. Most burglaries are rarely planned for – they are not elaborate heists but rather a mad dash with almost no prep. And so, with a proper security system in place, you will make it tough for them to break in. And if a burglar can’t get in fast enough, to them, the risk far outweighs the rewards, so, they will just abandon the activity.Our home security professionals have been protecting people’s homes for years, where we have been led by the belief that there is no margin for error when it comes to your security. We protect the property and livelihoods of our clients with the most trusted, reliable, and easy-to-use security systems on the market. Our home security experts include experienced service technicians, professional installers, and knowledgeable customer service staff who provides first-class home security services on a daily basis. Our home security services include;

Fire alarm and detection systems are a critical life safety component. These systems are designed to detect a fire early enough when there is still time for evacuation. Remember, when it comes to fire, time is of the essence, and early detection is the key to protecting your family. Fire alarm systems can alert monitor centrse pretty quickly, and so, first responders will be sent to your home as soon as possible.

Having a CCTV system installed on your property can deter or prevent vandalism, theft, alongside other crimes, reduce the risk of costly accidents like fires, lower insurance premiums, and more importantly, assist law enforcement officers to capture those who commit crimes. So, you need to have a high-quality surveillance system that include state-of-the-art digital camera recorders with months’ worth of storage space installed in your property. Any footage should be easily retrievable at any given time, and most importantly, the system needs to be tailored to suit your needs perfectly for the best results.

Intruder alarm systems are designed to detect any intrusion on your property. When an intruder is detected, a siren is activated, which communicates an alarm signal to the authorities or monitoring centres, from where a proper response will be coordinated. Our system enhances your property’s protection and also eliminates security system frustrations and it is the perfect choice for homeowners who are serious about security.

A burglar alarm system is made up of a series of electrical components that are all connected to your home. Via their sensors and contacts, they detect slight movements, or opening of windows and doors, upon which a loud alarm is then activated, alerting those nearby of the unauthorised entry. Your family and property are of great important to you, and so, your security team should be in a position to alleviate your worry and stress by installing the most effective, state-of-the-art system, and doing so with absolute precision.

These systems are ideal for enhancing security in your home. With intercom systems, identifying whoever is at the door becomes super easy – just with a push of a button. This way, the system reduces the chances of theft in your home significantly, giving you total control of who comes into your property, and they can come in. And with the advancement of technology, the options for audio & video, audio-only, and telephone communication are now being introduced. Your security team will install and repair all varieties of intercom systems in a manner that fulfils your needs.

Specific door entry systems enable you to take tighter control of access to your property, and will even go to an extent of creating a visual movement record in and out of your property. Without a doubt, the entryway into your property is the prime source of vulnerability, and protecting it is a major concern for most homeowners. Your home security team will advise you on the best solutions available for your situation for you to make a much more informed decision on the option you want. There is a comprehensive range of door entry products, and the team will certainly recommend the best. Just get in touch, and have them explain them all to you, before making a decision.

Having an access control system installed in your home is the perfect way to enhance the security of your property. Whether you want a system that’s controlled by key codes, biometrics, cards/fobs, facial recognition, or mobile phones, access control systems are set to provide you with the additional security that you need. The system is integrated with your property’s general management system, enabling you to control your security system much more effectively.

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You should first consider how much coverage you need – around the perimeter of your home or inside your home, in addition to what sensors you might want. Ask yourself how many doors, windows and other points of entry you want to be monitored. If it’s just the perimeter of your home that needs to be protected, for example, a wireless system may work better than an alarm with wires running throughout your home or yard.

There are many options available when choosing a fire detection solution including heat sensing smoke alarms, ionisation-type devices or photoelectric types that detect particles emitted during fires rather than smoke itself. Your choice will depend on the type of building construction and your home’s needs.

An intruder alarm system provides a home with protection from intruders by alerting them of movement and sounds in the home. This can be done via sensors that are installed on doors, windows or areas of concern as well as audible alarms. The type of intruder alarm depends on your home’s needs, as well as budget, but often includes motion detectors for security cameras, touch screen systems so you don’t need to arm it every time you leave your home and wireless surveillance equipment like floodlights.

There are many factors that go into choosing the right security camera, such as the type of surveillance you need (continuous or motion-activated), indoor vs. outdoor installation, how much space you want to cover or what level of detail is needed for evidence purposes (i.e., facial recognition technology), and what other equipment is needed for your home’s needs. It’s important to know ahead of time whether video footage from your security cameras can be monitored by law enforcement agencies in case there are any incidents involving criminal activity or accidents.

If you rely on your home’s internet connection to power your surveillance system, a sudden interruption can mean that the cameras aren’t recording. This may be due to something as simple as a storm knocking out the electricity or an accident involving a tree branch taking down wires. To avoid losing any footage, it is important to install your security camera wirelessly and run its own power source so even if there is no incoming electrical power from the grid, they’ll still work in case of emergencies.

Yes, you can download apps for your smartphone that will allow you to view and control the status of your home’s surveillance system. These apps will often provide live streaming from any cameras installed in or around the house as well as a log of activity detected by sensors like motion detectors. This way, if anything does happen while you’re away, it’ll be easier to figure out what happened before calling first responders.

Sensors detect changes in their environment by sensing temperature, vibration, pressure, humidity and more to trigger an alarm if a change has occurred that may indicate a risk event. For example: A smoke sensor will respond to either visible particles from fire or smoke itself.

Sensors can be used with detectors like alarms and cameras to provide additional protection against intruders or fires.

You should change your batteries when they start to chirp – this usually indicates that it’s time to replace them! If there’s no sound coming out at all, check the manufacturer date printed on the device itself (usually found near where the battery compartment sits). This will let you know whether or not it needs replacing. Finally, make sure that any alarms are mounted high enough and near the bedrooms to be heard when people are asleep.